Arthur’s Fortune

Join knights seeking gold. If you like medieval theme, you will love this slot packed with beautiful graphics and the possibility of winning. Included in this game is a real "Wheel of Fortune" will decide the fate of your wilderness.

Slot Provider

  • caret Yggdrasil

Arthur’s Fortune Introduction

If you want to know about the wealth of King Arthur, King of Camelot is just how worth it, then the game has Yggdrasil slots just for you. Arthur wealth slots will provide you with an excellent top expenses, so you can be like the rich Arthur, then they top off their proposal has excellent graphics and good RTP.
Arthur Fortune slot machine game, there will be five reels and 20 lines, so this is the usual formula, developers have used for a long period of time. Even so, their function and the best combination to achieve 7,510x top of the payment of the aid is possible, which need this game to land high volatility. At the same time, they remain in RTP 96.20%, which is what you need from a game like this. Go to its function, we found a wild symbol, sign free conversion to the wilderness, and rotate freely.

Betting and Prizes

You spend more than $ 0.20 per round, spin the reels. The game can go as high as $ 100 bet wisely, where bets can reach a value of $ 5.For a little reward may come here, Arthur's wealth is much more generous than the average Yggdrasil slots, has the potential to achieve 7,510x equity of the top awards.It is worth mentioning that the game hit frequency of only 22.17%, which means that about 2 per 9 revolutions will lead to a win, on average. Free spins triggered once in every 130 rounds. Set high volatility, and RTP is 96.20%.

Arthur’s Fortune Slot Features

Wild symbols will be in Arthur's wealth is available, it will be its usual role, it is displayed. The wild symbol is the conventional alternatives, and that's it.
An important aspect of the game comes from the wild conversion, something that you play it will be random. Up to 10 symbols can be turned into a regular routine wilderness for the duration of the spin. Shields Here you scattering, you can use it to trigger the free spins symbol of 7-14, also will be used as wilderness. The conversion trigger symbol symbols will determine how much is possible, 1-3 available when you get 3-5 shields. Once the free spins away, you can use the 1-4 extra rounds, ~ 4 additional symbol conversion trigger them again. For this, you need to take 2-5 new shield lands. Other key features, they have implemented, bonus game, will need to reel 5 If this happens crystal ball landing in the base game, including award cash prizes up to 25 times equity, free spins and wild 1-3 conversion. In the free spin mode, you either up to 14 outside, or up to 50 times the bonus part of the shares.


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