Archangels: Salvation

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Archangels: Salvation Slot

The battle between justice and evil has inspired countless TV shows, video games, movies, books, theater performances. First, why the eternal tie may fascinates us so much probably because each of us also has its own evil side to their cause. As the archangel NetEnt: the rescue, however, these things have been taken to a whole another level.

Archangel: Saving released on April 20, 2018, with the Swedish company behind the game have said that 100 betting lines in this game really makes this version of the real landmark moment for them. There are up to six reels in the game with each of them an amazing 12 symbols. On the left you can see a beautiful and pure white angel, amazingly fluffy wings, from the top right corner of cheers and Longhorn crazy battle armor and a red-hot devil. These two very different abilities of epic proportions to make a very, very interesting game experience.

Archangels: Salvation Hotspot Areas

In the archangel most special feature: it must be the salvation of hot spots. Up to 12 of the symbolic value of the top and bottom of the screen hot spots. In the 12 reserved for the kingdom of heaven hot top, while the bottom 12 to mean hell hot spots. If the wild symbol (the size of 2 × 2), in one or all of these areas part of the land, players will get a lot of additional wilderness as well. Heaven hotspots will be here to give you some wild stack and there, hell just randomly throw the hot spots around the exotic wilderness. The amount of additional wilderness depends on how you landed the first wild, but if additional field hit the local hot spots on the screen that you can score more wilderness.

Archangels: Salvation Free Spins

As usual, all the way to rotate freely through scattering. According to how much land you have scattering screen (3 ~ 6) on, you will get 1025 free spins to. In these spin, hot spots will be larger, which makes it easier to get a lot of multiplying those wilds of the screen.


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