Winner Million Casino - Won't discount cash and shut my account

User: Zander, Disputed casino: Winner Million Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 1500 £, Published: 11.07.2018

I opened an account here subsequent to perusing the t&cs I'm a uk occupant. The main limitation in the terms and conditions on uk players was playing the net Ent games. I needed to play microgaming - I attempted to make a store it gave no indication of endorsement I at that point found I'd been charged a sum of £1500!! The microgaming games I needed to play were not tolerating uk players despite the fact that it didn't state It in the t&cs, they won't react to any messages, they have a sham telephone number and no working help email separated from one bruno.w­­n­r­r­mi­­lli­­on­@­o­ut­­loo­ the other email ricochets back. I didn't play a penny of my store , I presented my archives to encourage my discount as I simply needed my cash back-my cash ! Which I didn't utilize and couldn't play the games I needed with. They haven't reacted at all and now they have hindered my account! I'm despite everything missing my £1500 this is insane and truly distressing.



This grievance has been revived because of the announced readiness for the benefit of Champ Million Gambling club the board to do all that they can to understand their old objections. KoiSlots Grievances Group is glad to give these old cases one increasingly chance for a fruitful resolution.

Winner Million Casino

This player got his payment. in connection you will discover the discount screen capture.
Yet in addition we have discount him and close his account, in light of the fact that the player have opened different accounts, and have damage our terms and condition :
8.2.4 The player making a copy account at WinnerMillion, all his account will be promptly suspended, and rewards will be forfeited.

We was all the more at that point reasonable, by sending to the player his assets. since we had the option to close the account and forfeith all the assets and rewards.
Expectation I have explain enough the circumstance, and the case can be close.


KoiSlots Grumblings Group has been given enough data and proof for sake Victor Million Club the board in respects of this objection to affirm and legitimize the gambling club actions.

Based on the abovementioned, KoiSlots Grievances Group think about this case as Settled and it is currently formally shut. If there should arise an occurrence of a conflict with our choice we remind player that further help on this issue could be mentioned from the significant administrative body.

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