NorgesSpill - Withdraw difficulties

User: SKEELARIN, Disputed casino: NorgesSpill, Status: RESOLVED, Published: 03.03.2020

On Christmas 2019, I opened an account in My account balance, when I ended up gambling this day is about 37.000 NOK. I want to recover my balance, to provide an exit option from Norgesspill. There, I found that my only option is to use the balance taken out called "Trustly" online option, although Norgespill said its withdrawal methods include bank wire, Netteller, the Skrill, Trusly and visas. I deposited 1.500 NOK twice before I won my balance up to 37.000 NOK my VISA card, so my preferred method of exit is VISA - but my only option is Trustly, I can not use in my country. A country Norgespill accepted from players.
I contacted the login ID Norgesspill when I found out this is not possible, I take it back about 37.000 NOK on my account balance. They wanted me to provide some proof documents for them, and they ask me what they offer. They accepted my personal documents.
They told me, Norgespill bank transfer can be carried out manually, this is the only choice I had to quit my account balance. I lost my account balance fell to 24.000 NOK at that time, I agree with this premise, does not gamble, because the balance.
2020 Yiyue 21, Norgesspill manually withdraw all of my account balance 24.000 NOK, I agree, so they can be manually connected to my personal bank account. I write this date is February 28, I still have not received that money can be withdrawn from my account balance Norgesspill. I have several times Norgesspill communication from the login ID and e-mail in February, and offers everything they asked for them, but I still have not received anything.
This does not work, I used to have this not experienced anything. And I am an experienced gambler, I made a few gambling sites, including PokerStars, bet365's, Baocasino and so on.
I do not know if I will be entitled to receive my money.


NorgeSpill casino

Hey Skellarin, Thank you for your comment. We are glad to hear from you. I read your account information, I can see that we have released the 24,000.38 NOK withdrawal of January 23, unfortunately, you do not get the money. Following this, I can see that we have received order shows that you do not get money argument. Please note that our payment team is doing its utmost to investigate this to you, we will respond to you via e-mail, as long as we have further information. You can contact us on the following platforms: Online chat (English Support) 10:00 - 21:00 GMT E-mail ( in 24 hours Best wishes, NorgesSpill team

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