MrSlot - Account lockout and winnings taken without any further explanation

User: DMITRYI58R, Disputed casino: MrSlot, Status: RESOLVED, Published: 03.03.2020

Hello help to understand the situation, stick slot casino accuse me of fraud and creating duplicate accounts on their website, but I did not. So they close my account and not pay $ 1200, they said that I was MrSlot casino winnings in another game account, but there are also completely different casinos and whose names I do not understand what I just think, from Russian players they do not have a good attitude. Help to understand this situation. Thank you I hope everything is fair, I know the rules of the casino, so I do not understand why they close their account and cancel the withdrawal. The application connects to the money shots to evacuate about checking my account and send all my files screen, they asked their response.


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