Wild Bazaar

Which spices, colorful fabrics, BRIC a bargain antique and traders flavor, wild Bazaar ™ - by NetEnt ™ newest video slot - a wild adventure takes place in a spin, like no other players as before.
This 5-reel, 4-line video slot machine is equipped with four wild spin feature: Stacked wilderness, Pang wilderness, wilderness links and X2 multiplier wilderness, each hidden in the colorful chest symbol.
As a special look for hidden treasures. Visit wild life bazaar bargain!

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt

Wild Bazaar Introduction

Theme Wild mart in two. On the one hand, the theme of the Persian bazaar - the sale of the goods, jewelry and treasures. On the other hand, the theme of the game is to make as many exciting wild rotated into your iGaming experience. This NetEnt create looks simple and smooth, with five reels and 4 rows structure - slightly different from the usual. Of course, the resolution of high-definition quality, which means jewelry treasures colors will really pop.

Symbol slot is what you expect from a market. This is a red chest, a green treasure, a treasure chest pink, blue chest, a red gem, emerald, purple gems, blue gems. In addition to these, the slots including a large number of wild symbols, can not be missed - they are massive golden "W's.

Wild Spins
There's a reason this market is so special, it's not because it's out of control. Instead, it has adopted so many features wild symbols. Each of these activated, the symbol corresponding to the chest must be continuously appear in the winning line.
Even better, it can unlock all different levels depending on what box appears. Further, the total number of "free-rotation" receive following functions equal to the number of the chest part of the form to win.
Let's look at each of the following individual characteristics.

Stacked (Red Chest)
A NetEnt slot section, we have enjoyed many times. When the accumulation of wild mode is activated, the symbol will occupy four stacked full reel appears in reels. Of course, this gives you a good chance to win the driven.

Colossal (Green Chest)
This is the wild world market big deal because these are great wilderness. When this mode is activated, all of these icons will be displayed as an image fall board 2 × 2, which took place four symbols.

Linked (Pink Chest)
Wild nature of the link makes many connections. When triggered, the two leftmost and rightmost wild symbol will change all symbols are connected to the same symbol instead of function. The only requirement is that they fall on the same horizontal line. See the trailer above to see a visual example of this action.

X2 Multiplier (Blue Chest)
The x2 multiplier Wilds round is pretty exciting. When in action, all the wins that include one or more of these symbols are multiplied by two… That’s right, this means that any wins you make are doubled!

Wild Bazaar’s Bet Limits
The X2 multiplier wilderness round is very exciting. When in action, all include one or more of these symbols bonuses will be multiplied by two ... That's right, that means you do any prize will be doubled!

Maximum Win on Wild Bazaar
Ueno single market betting line is the biggest victory of 1500 gold coins (ie of 3000 €!). However, in the wild spin the wheel, so you can reach the Rockets 78000 gold (which is € 156000!) - but close enough if everything is just perfect.


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