Tome of Madness

Play'n GO’s Tome of Madness features Free Spins, bonuses and a theme straight out of H.P. Lovecraft’s imaginary worlds. Find it today in Koislots’s best casinos!

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Tome of Madness

Crazy Book from 96.59% Play'n GO 5 reel and 5-row game of RTP. The game has a pay line or fixed cluster, and it is compatible with the mobile device and the desktop. The game has a clear image that will make it fun to play, you can win up to £ 200000 when you stake £ 100 maximum bet. You can play crazy book at any Koislots casino.

Tome of Madness free spins and bonus

You will find a portal scrolls, which is charged on the left every time you win time in the madness of the book. As the gateway to meter charges, it unlock some amazing bonus. You will trigger "another world freewheel" feature that allows you to rotate freely at any time to fill the portal with 42 symbols. Once the portal is overcharged, you will get additional portal role you collect every three additional winning symbols.

Filling portal can trigger several special bonuses as wilderness, Void abyss and other functions, and this will increase your chances of winning big. Further, by activating wild giant, which will display the 10 or 11 position of the marker for more bonuses. If you can successfully open every eye signs, symbols other high-value will be added to the game reels. You can win the grand prize of 100 times in the book of madness.

Tome of Madness theme and symbols

Book into the madness of the dark hall, find the treasure stones. Game soundtrack will give you a sense of adventure, and a few graphics will please your eyes. The game has a wealth of Oscar Wilde, commonly known as the adventure of guy, which is based on the Cthulhu Mythos universe adventure H.P Kraft fiction. Different symbols used in the game proved this theme and make it more enjoyable.

Symbols low-value, you will find in the book include labeled crazy writings purple, red, green and blue gems foreigners. These symbols can reward you with up to 8 times equity. The symbol is paying rings, daggers, Cthulhu skull, octopus and pendants. If the octopus pendant match 5, you will win 100 times the initial bet. More of the same symbols you match, the more you win.

RTP and volatility

Before you play the slot machine game, you should consider checking their RTP value, because it will determine how much you can get from a bet back. Higher RTP, the better you are. If you want to learn more about the RTP, you can check out some of our Koislots Casinopedia jobs96.59% of the book gives players a crazy RTP, is very high relative to the other slot.

Volatility refers to how dangerous the game is, and the book of madness, the game is very unstable. Despite this volatility, you can make some good bonus 2000X your bet if you play tactics. After a look at our best high volatility slot, learn how to win. However, we recommend that when you have extra money, you should play this slot.

How to play Tome of Madness

Sao Tome is crazy fun. While it may seem a little complicated, if you are playing for the first time, you'll get the hang of it in accordance with the instructions on the screen. To play the game, you will be required to wager, which can be from 0.10 £ to £ 100. Once your bet is placed, you can spin the reels and hope to win.

Any time you line up at least the same symbol on reel three, you get a win. The amount you win depends on your shares, and matching symbols of multiple values. Krazy book also includes an autoplay function, you can set the number of volumes to be automatically rotated. Under In addition, you can also set auto-play conditions, such as when should stop spinning.

Koislots’s review

All things considered, crazy book is a good average slot machine game. Despite the high 2000X its commitment bonus, the high volatility of the game makes it a bit risky. The game gives players a nice bonus, making it worth it. We give this game based on it provides an amazing player experience the simplicity of a good evaluation, and operation of the slot. Why not check out a casino Koislots play crazy book.


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