Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Experience all the fun fair and theme parks: Fortune tickets, the latest product from the NetEnt ! Theme Park: Fortune tickets in Row 5, 3 row, 50-line video slot with stacked wild substitutions, jaw structure and six theme parks bonus game, players can win or play theme park tickets by rotating theme parks bonus round game.

Slot Provider

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Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot Introduction

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is the excitement of slots open-air market - bright and colorful, have a pleasant soundtrack, you can almost smell the popcorn and hot dogs! This 5-reel, 3-row video slot is home to the carnival-themed symbols, cars, balloons and carousel horses include collision.

Stacked Wild Feature
Note for stacking wild symbol, which shows the audience share a carnival Ferris motorcycle couple. These symbols can be displayed in the spool 2-4, except that all symbols instead of scattering, and the claw bonus symbols. Stacked Wild symbols substitute will pay the highest betting line combinations likely to be successful, according to the paytable.

Claw Feature
Claws can only appear in the main game of the fifth set. When the land under this symbol, scroll down to reach the claw, grab a toy, which means that players win coins! The win amount is between 2 and 15 times the current bet amount.

Scatter Symbols, Ticket Game and Bonus Wheel
The theme park has a variety of mini-games for players to participate. However, each requires a lot of 6 mini-game tickets to play. How to get a ticket, you may ask? There are two ways, in fact! The first involves a scatter symbol. These symbols can appear in the reels 3-5 and activate the theme park tickets for the game. Players Ticket wheel spin until it stops, indicating the awarding tickets number of players. This includes 1 votes from 8 votes. Players initially have a ticket round 3 degrees of rotation, but in some posts to award extra spin the wheel itself. Once the spin run out, round the game ends. The second way is to earn tickets to play the bonus round. When the bonus symbol appears on reel 5 which is activated bonus round has 11 positions - Location theme park bonus game will start the bonus game display; coins will reward the player to win the position, it is multiplied by the position indicating the current bet on the coin multiplier amount; and finally theme park tickets game position, which will take the player to the ticket wheel rotation, the ticket wins.

Bonus Games
Scatter symbols, bonus rounds and game tickets
What will the players do all these tickets? First, they will map theme park visit, it will show how many tickets need to enter each game. There are six games, we will talk about the future. We will start with a punchbag game - players boxing bags and grant current coin bet between two victories and 25 times. Sledgehammer games require players to hit the target, the current bet their troubles 1 and awarded the victory to 100 times their coin.
CAN tower in the game, players get three attempts to knock down every three CAN tower. Each player can knock over a land coin win double the current stakes in the company. In all three towers down all the jars, you get a coin 900 times the amount of the bet won!
Skee ball in the bonus game, players throw five balls into the pockets. Each coin pocket prize and victory is the current bet multiplied by the number of players expressed pocket.
In the fishing bonus game, five players and draft picks the fish start. Each fish award winning players with coins 2-50 times the current bet amount. Some fish can also pick bonus, with up to five additional draft picks to be won.
Duck shooting, the player has 5 shots. Each duck award winning players with a coin current bet amount 1-50 times. Each duck knocked down may increase the win multiplier of 1 total count of the total win multiplier meter maximum multiple of 4 after the game, all the coins wins the game duck shooting color applications received final multiplier.


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