Tesla Jolt slot

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Tesla Jolt Slot

With the help of one of the world's greatest inventor, you can string together wins in Tesla NOLIMIT electric jolt city. Exterior stunning victory with the potential to even a very nice bonus slot game, Tesla bumpy definitely recommend. This is mainly due to the wilderness, where there are different varieties, at a great value.

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Tesla Jolt RTP and Volatility

Of 96.61% of the theoretical RTP is a good number. It is worth mentioning that, although the majority is due to the free rotation of the wheel, wins in the basic rules of the game. Tesla has a jolt to fluctuations 4, which is about a platform. You may feel small, a good balance between medium-sized wins, even if free to rotate take quite some time to trigger.

How to play Tesla Jolt

The slot has 5 reels of three often seen due to the layout function is random, as is so often the slot NOLIMIT City, you think of the possibility of a greater victory is fair, no matter how high the stakes are for you.

You can play from anywhere between 100 0.20 £ and £. There is always a great £ 560.000 greatest victory. Individual bonus symbol is this:

Low-wage symbol:

Higher-paying symbols:

The wild substitutes any symbol apart from the scatter.

Koislots’s Review

Tesla is bumpy NOLIMIT city an excellent slot. Not only does it look good and plays well, wins the player will meet any budget. Not the subject of a number of other slots share, even if you later find many important historical figures slot version. Coupled with the real theme identified in the slot mechanics, you'll see why we think Tesla bumps as a large bag.


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