Terminator 2

Terminator 2 package from the blockbuster movie, excellent animation and great music scene. Clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades - in the background, and electronics select the robot wires may be simultaneously in the reel, the four lower symbols and the start value card clothing can be seen

Slot Provider

  • caret Microgaming

Terminator 2 Overview

How could anyone not love the Terminator franchise? It’s perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger's most iconic portrayal of a character in his whole career and a definite go-to movie for anyone who's a fan of action and robots. This Microgaming slot offering aims to take you back to all the thrills from the second movie in the series, Terminator 2. As such, it incorporates characters and features that appeared in the film, giving you quite the insight into it. Even if you’ve never seen the film before, this slot will provide you with an exceptional game, thanks to Microgaming’s penchant for high-quality.

Terminator 2  Features:
We do not look past the T-800 visual mode, any non-winning spin after the basic course of the game randomly triggered. If it does play a role, it requires only a single scatter symbols trigger the free spins round appearance. In sharp contrast to the former three need to be triggered in non T-800 mode. In addition, the T-800 visual mode, the cash prize will be awarded to any appearance of a character symbol. The highlight here is the free spins round win way is to rise from 243-1024. This is a dispersion by three symbols in the normal game based on the appearance or dispersed in a T-800 single mode trigger vision. You will get a total of 10 degree free rotation, and this process is the function of, T-1000 can be converted into a symbol of any other character symbols, get your highest possible pay. Now, if you see "10 free spins" around the flame of a message, the secret has triggered a "hot model" free spins game, which is extremely rare, and will provide more enhanced version wins reel for you.

Terminator 2  Verdict:
There can be a more iconic figures or movie series based slot machine games and Microgaming's really about the recognition and Terminator 2 did it not only to achieve justice throughout some amazing graphics and animation, but it also has quite a punch bag has nearly 3,000 the biggest victory fold equity. It may not have much of an exaggeration to consider Terminator 2 as one of the best Microgaming products.


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