Serengeti Kings

NetEnt invites you to explore the natural wonders of Africa with the brand-new Serengeti Kings™ video slot. This exciting safari title offers a unique cyclical gameplay that alternates between Lion Spins and Panther Spins and keeps players engaged, rewarding them with a guaranteed feature

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Serengeti Kings Introduction

NetEnt has kicked off in style, pleasant atmosphere in this release of the new decade and vision. Serengeti King slot is sure to please animal lovers, enthusiasts and those who appreciate Africa's well-made slot - cover almost all demographic, right? With five rows, 4 rows of mesh, line 26, the layout of each line, it has been skillfully NetEnt with some very many aspects of the modern characteristics, combined with the classic groove. From the off, there is a safari theme going, some of the most representative animals from Africa, including lions, zebras, elephants and giraffes, giving due attention. In addition to stunning visual effect, NetEnt really gone all out on the soundtrack; it expertly accompanied by grasslands to transport you to the natural beauty of the Serengeti. King Serengeti is one of our selection of NetEnt casino worth checking out; even if it's not your taste intact, then you are sure to find more suitable. We also prepared the best welcome bonus for you to feast your eyes on.

RTP: 96.10–96.70 %

Play Serengeti Kings on Mobile
One of many attractive things about the king's Serengeti is that it can be played on any device, without having to compromise the quality of ease. It has been fully optimized to play on the road, creating two Android and smooth gaming experience iOS mobile system using the latest technology HMTL5.
With the work of the same slot machine games big and small screen, the king Serengeti is worth trying desktops, smart phones and tablet PCs.

Serengeti Kings Background
A brand spanking new video slot with great visuals and music - what is the difference? King Serengeti is a great game to look at, but it is a game that really makes this title stand out. This feature buy another, first in NetEnt game, make a new experience. Moreover, even if there is a standard game is free to rotate. When everything is taken into account, capabilities - including generous multiplier - means this is definitely worth a try. Continue to scroll down the page to see why this is the most polished NetEnt a slot for some time - try to NetEnt Casino!

Serengeti Kings Buy Feature
What makes this game special is that it is from NetEnt first characteristic as a property purchase. This changes the RTP from 96.2% - 96.7%, options on select different. There are three different levels for different amounts, will be given 12 free spins and dispersed.
When you get to the 12th Lions rotation, the game will no longer collect the lion symbol. Lion function, and instead of starting to collect this symbol will be randomly assigned to bring attractive multipliers, wild and reel combos. This feature is a welcome addition to buy, though not completely original, and is a frequent visitor NetEnt something new, but it is not cheap - three scattering will set you back 58.7 X your stake, and four or five scattered dependence how to cost a lot of lions and leopards have you sign. Even if this is not for you, there are still opportunities for the grand prize in the base game. During the day the game, the game will Lion spinning mode; a neat touch, this rotation will automatically change to the leopard at night time.

Serengeti Kings Free Spins
There are bonus features purchased, playing in the Serengeti King's standard game will give you the opportunity to activate the free spins; as always, it is to improve your balance, if you're lucky a good way. This combination of high volatility and the game gives you the opportunity to win bigger prizes but less frequent, if you are willing to take risks - it is worth bearing in mind that you decided to try it the next time slot.
Three will trigger scattered freely rotate 12 degrees, allowing you to hoard the lion and leopard opportunities.

Serengeti Kings Visuals
With the purchase of an optional new feature, the graphics must be one of the strongest points Serengeti Kings. NetEnt already doing this title, as played happily do an excellent job, as mentioned above, it really is they have created a pleasant time consumption of the animal kingdom. Here not only the ferocious animals in the Serengeti - mongoose, zebra and giraffe has its own symbol. In addition, the background image is completely synchronized with the ultimate experience ambient music of Africa.


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