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Sabaton Slot

Early in 2019 the freshly baked, Saba Dayton from Play'n GO is one of the "N" best rock roll groove there. Swedish metal band around the center of the same name, this game is to shake with its many additional features and a great soundtrack everyone's socks.

This is Saba Dayton is a nutshell:

Sabaton Free Spins and Bonus

Saba Dayton is full of great bonus features, the real spice spinning reels overall experience. In addition to free spins, there are three different random function, all of this, we will get in just a moment

Mystery Symbols and Free Spins

Saba Dayton road to freedom rotation mode through the so-called mysterious symbols. In this game, you can see the signature S symbols on the reels which spin a bunch of Saba Dayton. If you manage the land in a rotation of at least three people, each of them will show the same under their random symbols. Score at least nine, however, you are a very close and exciting free-spin mode.

Saba free to rotate in Dayton called the brigade rotation. Before this mode is started, one of the many symbols are randomly selected in the game, the reel spool 5 and 1, 3 and 4 weight characteristics, on the other hand, will be synchronized with, and create a big bonus selected combination additional help symbol.

Chained Reels

One of the features of two random Saba Dayton on the chain wheel. This mode is triggered randomly at the start of the rotation, two to three years to see your reel synchronises together. If you are lucky, this feature can even help you get nine leak and cause you need the free spin mode.

Last Stand

In the second of Saba Raton two random features. This feature provides you with a one or two wild reels spin, it can help some huge win your net worth. More importantly, this feature sometimes can trigger a chain with a reel, so for those sweet big win a big potential.

Sabaton Theme and Symbols

Yes, but online slots with real metal music theme numbered. These include games such as Doom, Motorhead's house, now Saba Dayton. Addition to these slots, we really can not believe anything, which means that this slot is almost in their own league. If you like metal scene, no doubt you will love what you see and hear here. This slot is all about electric guitars and some very powerful music.

In Saba Dayton symbols include natural things you would expect from a rock slot. The most important of all the band members and signs are all there for you to enjoy.

Sabaton – How to Play

Saba Dayton has a certain degree of high variance, which means that when you think they are big victory does not always exist. Then again, whether it is random trigger function quite frequently, making the game fun enough to play

Sabaton – Koislots Verdict

We found Koislots own enjoyment Saba Dayton slot a lot. While we may not always be the biggest metalheads out there, we still find ourselves hit us head to the remarkable music here. So, you'd better look at this slot!


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