Reels: 5, Rows: 4, Paylines: 486 - 33,614, RTP: 96.8%, Maximum Win: 71288x, Variance: High, Bets: 0.10 - 30 EUR, Features: PopWins Feature, Multiplier, Bonus Mode

Slot Provider

  • caret Yggdrasil


"PopRocks slot in the first version of PopWins ™ series - the trend of integration for the 2020 games, due to the cooling power of graphics and serious spending power, if you hit luck ......"
The YGS Masters Series has been served, some of the coolest game in the past few years to see, like 9K snowman - Avatar UX now started to take more action to PopRocks slot release. PopRocks is a series of PopWins ™ first game, a slot concept seems to be a cult classic, due to the ability to pay is multiplied by the expansion of the reel. In the case of PopRocks, you have to leave the castle cool electrolyzer rotation, sending up 72,1888x lucky win your bet with internal voltage cable - create the potential for winning big as the maximum bet € 866256. PopRocks pattern with epic, calm voice, and to provide an innovative new concept slot; look at all our PopRocks slot evaluation.

Once you see the visual effects, to PopRocks rotation slot, you will immediately be a game of this little beauty impressed - this is definitely a move in the works well, and will put some energy into the new day! However, whether you'll love the game, it may depend on whether you really like volatility of the game, it is possible (if you're lucky!) Before payment is very helpful - because it is the atmosphere PopRocks slot. Its 237 high volatility rating is severe - which means you can expect spin hot and cold running play. The trade-off is that it's loaded with bonus run in the heat - leading to reel expanded from 486 paylines - rockets are stacked and expenses 33614, multipliers! This is why PopRocks slot can boot up x72,188 win your bet; a series of € 7218 depending on the size of your bet (0.10~30.00) to € 866256. 96.4%, which means the basic level of RTP of this is fair game - but remember its volatility. The basic game is loaded with mystery together make winning combo gem - and a mysterious power pop, multiplication and expansion along. Strategy Tips For PopRocks slot PopRocks look cute, but it is a brave heart adrenaline packed game! In return heating operation is really good, but it is vital to take sensible strategy, because there is never any guarantee; set a budget meeting your fun, then the size of the spin rotation to give you a lot of money and value, regardless of your luck.

PopRocks slots site features unique PopWins ™ feature, which means that the rotation until no new wins occur can pop symbols into two new symbols. The coldest aspects of this PopRocks slot bonuses for high-power expanded to seven reel symbols; create up to 33614 way to win!

Persistent Organic Pollutants Persistent Organic Pollutants every seven library collection, enhance a multiplier. Although you will need some serious luck stack multiplier multiplier times - this feature is PopRocks slot has the power to pay up to 72,1888x your bet.

PopRocks into its extreme bonus mode, when you expand the rows and seven high, resulting in three additional powers:

 - a wild granted immediately, and random replacement symbol.
 - increase the multiplier two instead of one for every seven popular.
 - Only one new symbol will appear from every popular music.


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