Planet of the Apes

Hey slot fan, you're curious NetEnt slot machine game, Planet of the Apes?
NetEnt basis to develop games based on the movie Planet of the Apes and gorillas rises, the dawn of the planet assiociation with 20th Century Fox. The game combines elements of two films, the double reel.

The rise characteristics of bonus money function, bifunctional, characterized in stacked wild rose freespins, dawn freespins, and dawn bonus feature.
Players return ratio was 96.33%.
Sign up bonus in the first set of trigger additional coins victory, awarded each reel symbol of man and ape.

Slot Provider

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Special features in the planet of the apes and the game mechanics we delve into the slot, the slot formation we feel should be interpreted. NetEnt signed an exclusive agreement, the Apes film series of our planet casino desktop and mobile devices, they promised "something very new" match such an exciting release.

This is something new jobs created this way, which is essentially run parallel to each other two side slots. However, you only need one, both boards begins to rotate to play, and you will quickly notice that the two reels are named for the 2011 and 2014 after the rise of Planet of the Apes movies and dawn.

The agreement to use its brand, its largest, NetEnt have included movie character symbols, portrayed by the famous actor, but also a large number of cut scenes with the official video to accompany your game time. As always, the graphics and artwork and the second none, and the soundtrack of the film does evoke the same tensions.

Planet of the Apes' RTP: 96.33%
Video Slot build: The game deploys two 5-reel, 3-row grids within one slot game, with 40 fixed bet lines overall.
Planet of the Apes game features: Dual Feature, Rise Free Spins, Dawn Free Spins, Rise Bonus Round, Dawn Bonus Round, Stacked Wild, Scatter Wins, Wild Substitutions.

We know what you’re thinking. Although the two reels run mostly as separate entities, there must be a point where they crossover, right? Well, you’re correct, and this accurate assumption is seen during the Dual Feature which randomly activates after you’ve selected to spin. However, rather than the reels coming to a halt, they’ll speed up and apes will come flocking across the screen. This signals the beginning of the Dual Feature.
Both the Rise and Dawn grids will then be assigned a separate random symbol, and both will begin to land on either side as the reels turn. However, only these two symbols will stick to the boards, and any that have landed on the opposite side will be transferred over. Once there are no more new symbols entering either area, the win will be calculated – and it’s almost certain to be huge!


We know what you're thinking. Although the two reels are mainly run as a separate entity, there must be a point where they cross, right? Well, you're right, and you choose a dual function after the spin will randomly see in this an accurate assumption. However, not to stop the reels, they will speed up and apes will be flocking to the screen. This signals the start of the dual function.
Dawn both the rise and the grid will be assigned a separate random symbols, and will begin the spool rotates in the land on either side. However, only those two symbols will stick to the plate and any has landed on the opposite side will be transferred over. Once these two did not enter the field more new symbol, winning will be calculated - it almost certainly is huge!
15 free spins will be given for Planet of the Ape’s Dawn reels, though. Here you will be given 3 separate meters – Multiplier, Extra Wild and Extra Free Spins. When one of the corresponding symbols lands, it will be added to the meter. Each meter is filled up with 3 matching symbols overall, and the prizes then dished out.

The rise of dawn and bonus features are also different, so how to activate them. For the rise, you need to log bonus symbol in the first set, and it is Dawn is the last reel.
We see the rise of a coin win bonus feature added symbols for each man and ape, it's the board, except for any dispersed. Dawn bonus for anyone with functional changes icon to ape the same symbol, lead to any conflict issued by the highest combination.

Stacked wild feature sees the dawn rise reel rely on creating a double benefit. Whenever a rise of the reel entirely covered by the wild symbol, which would then be repeated at the same position of the plate dawn.

Except that the catalyst is free to rotate, on each plate three scatter symbols will lead to a healthy coin win. However, remember that the rise with the dawn reel here as a separate entity, so you can not spread out three scatterers profit in two panels.

Yo! Now Planet of the Apes slot game mechanics completed the dust settles, here's your betting options. You can choose to bet levels from between 1-10,0.01 and one set in real money the coin value, the minimum bet is 0.20 € a maximum of € 200 compared.

Play Planet of the Apes when the single biggest default bet line win is 6000 coins, or € 6000.


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