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Mega Fortune Slot

Mega Fortune is a progressive slot NetEnt software running on the platform. 25 payline jackpot slot exuded wealth, with free spins and bonus games, players can even become a millionaire. Surprisingly Net Entertainment has a wealth of creative luxury theme, its main appeal is super prize with the potential to change your life in an instant. With the yacht, champagne, crisp dollar bills, it's not just a game. It is the history of the famous online games have the highest bonus payments. With 96.6% RTP, it is easiest to popular online games.

Mega Fortune Free Spins

Mega Fortune when the player has to get three or more symbols appear across the champagne-free rotation at any point on the shaft trigger. Free spins symbol of two wine glasses and a bottle of champagne representatives. When they appear, you click on one, see you winning. The next step is to select one of the signs gives you multipliers and free spins. Provide the greatest return on concessions is free to rotate 10 degrees, 5 times multiplier, which is considerable. You can also activate more free spins and later entered the bonus game. More importantly, you can get a free spins multiplier and in addition to the free spins feature when you collect two scatter symbols. Trigger bonus game when you can play for free rotation.

Mega Fortune Bonus Game

Mega Fortune has a thrilling bonus game feature. Landing three or more bonus wheel symbols will trigger the game, the first and 2 gives players a choice. You can have victory in a coin, or in the next round of play opportunities. 2 and 3 provides some excellent winning prizes or coins wins. To the player claims to have won the award stop the wheels. If the coin value of the prize on the wheel stops, the player wins that amountHowever, if the reel stop arrow, and then automatically begin the next round of rotation. Since the game has a progressive jackpot, which is the most exciting part of the player, if the difficulties on the wheels stop, then there will be some celebration. Chocolate wheel stopped at random, the highest increase is likely to win the progressive jackpot increments 7500 game and the highest prize ever awarded for 178,000 euros!


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