Magic Maid Cafe

Magic Maid Cafe is an online casino video slot by NetEnt, that is set in a magical cafe world, complete with maids and tasty treats. The slot is made up of 5 columns, 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines. The game operates using the Avalanche System rather than the more conventional Reel Template. It also counts Free Falls and Wild Substitution among its main features.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt

Magic Maid Cafe Slot Review

I think you and distortion added daily dose of morning coffee? Prepare your contented delicious desserts and mouth-watering delicacies appetite? So, you'll be glad to hear, NetEnt's latest addition to its extensive library of video slot casino in a magical cafe is set by a maid who is willing to provide world-class service and charming graphics slot vote hosted! Magic maid cafe (as the name suggests) in marvelous cafe decorated with more of those exquisite design by filling the screen symbols represent just the right dessert virtual goodies settings. Video slot is on the completion of the whole show an animated art style. The art direction is accompanied by sound and beautifully designed visual effects, animation, and echoed in a complete and comprehensive package to bring everything together. As you might have guessed, magic maid cafe is applicable to all NetEnt licensed casino and across desktop and mobile devices are compatible. Read below to learn more about the magic cafe NetEnt slot. All have been found to change your symbol is presented on the screen in the magic maid cafe has been implemented functions and features, and find out which way the staple food of casino video slot features a bold alternative systems being exchanged. Go on, you know you want to!

RTP: 95.97%

Some scrolls are considered part of any casino games, both online and land-based machines. They are multi-faceted symbol roll rotation, and is ultimately responsible for your victory to victory, and your bitter defeat. The "spinning slot machines," the whole idea from the very scrolls themselves. So you can imagine, it's a pretty bold move out to do in your slot reels and integration of different systems. Magic maid cafe to do this, the most important responsibility of a so-called avalanche system to take, not take care of. Avalanche system is similar to other "symbols cascade" system, you may have encountered in other modern online video slots. This basically means that instead of a rotating disk to reveal the symbols, they will drop down from the top of your screen in the appropriate box and landing. Exit sign will make their way out of the cycle will be like a waterfall from the bottom of the screen, etc., or as a more appropriate name of the system implies, avalanche! This change affects many other areas within the card slot. First, your winning combinations will reveal alternative to the system based on the winning symbol. In addition, features such as free spins or free fall, as it is known in this version of the game will also be different operations, adapt to the system, and provide a different experience video slot machine, you will usually be used.

Wild Substitutions & Free Fall Symbols
Whether on dramatic changes avalanche system we mentioned earlier, a lot of video slot machines staple function, you are familiar with remain the same here.
Wild symbol is an asset that stick to their original purpose, any symbol on the screen, it can help you achieve a winning combination to replace themselves. You'll be glad to hear that these wild replace function in all game modes.
Free Fall symbols are magic maid cafe discovered another characteristic. You might think they are new, purpose unknown, but you'd be wrong. The free fall generally perform symbol follows the same object by the scatter symbol. That's right free fall symbols are your key to enter the game free waterfall model, we will delve into the following. Heart-shaped lollipop these symbols represented by three of these tasty treats assurance, let yourself in any player's face.

Free Falls
Given there is no magic maid cafe reel spin, a freely rotatable manner is technically impossible. But do not worry, there is a crafty alternative here, this is called free falls. This game mode will rotate freely in almost exactly the same operation, the difference is only a couple here and there. First, you need to sign a three-year free fall to activate your reel game mode. This will be animated by a sophisticated design, it will open a secret door of the cafe, which will lead you to the bonus levels appear. You'll be entitled to 10 free fall, it will automatically follow one by one, until you run out of laps. The good news here is the wild symbol is still used in this mode, in your quest to improve your free reward a great help as much as you can. So, take the free fall, looking at those add up your multiplier Grand Canal! It will then be driven away by a huge donut animation! In a free bonus mode Winning never felt good ...


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