Long Pao

Long Pao is a video slot made by NetEnt and features 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 bet lines. The game features a stunning historical Chinese setting and is complete with Wild Substitutions, Sticky Wins and x3 multiplier Free Spins.

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Long Pao Introduction

Ready to get excited, equally confused, robes take you all the way to China, setting some good old video slot action in the history of a beautiful realization. There are a lot of rewards and hours of harvest this magnificent game in the slot, we will keep you coming back for more it. The traditional function of a video slot machine with fresh and exciting twists and turns, robes will entertain even the most experienced of slot players. All of this was brought to life in gorgeous presentation, combined with historical symbols and design, and traditional Asian music completely immersed.Read below as we explore the special features of the robes come out to see if this could be your new graphics card slot.

RTP: 96.96%
Slot Build: 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 bet lines (fixed)
Features: Free Spins x3 multiplier, Sticky Wins with Re-Spins, Wild Substitution

Wild substitutions
A common feature in the wild symbol graphics slot gives players the opportunity to replace any other symbol of the wild, the winning combination that can help families. This is how they robes, which the wild symbol can substitute any other combination can give you a success, but not a substitute for a free spin symbol function here. They can stick with wins ™ function here, we will be particularly useful to further discuss below.

Sticky Wins

Probably the robes of the most interesting feature is the inclusion of Sticky wins.
When you are a successful combination on the reel, the function is activated. Once activated, the reel symbols to win place, all the other volumes back rotation, that have access to greater victories. As long as you keep the basic landing another winning symbols on the reels will then continue to rotate with the opportunity to give you an incredible final reward.
These bonuses rework bring pleasure to a new level, with each winning combination, you can even open measliest to win attractive prizes.

Free Spins

All the biggest win you can earn through free-spin mode coveted, but can sometimes take quite a bit of rotation, so have their way. It takes time with you into five or more free spins symbols on the reel in the prize integrated mode.
Once you're just, robes carry you rotate through the free style, animated introduction, will explain how the free spin mode of operation, before you try your luck at the top.
All lines bet here twice coins wins, so you chance a nifty sum can walk away from the table. Additional free spins mode while you play this game to win, so you can keep rotating to your heart's content longer. Running freely rotating us, you will be seen as yet another animation, and then return to the main game before, a detailed model of your performance.

Long Pao Verdict

Is a gorgeous robes put together graphics slot, bring a couple of welcome to add functionality, and we are all better for it expect from this game. The theme is well-designed with graphics, animation and music set the fine, so you can be completely immersed in the history of the Chinese environment.
This is not the most versatile and feature slots, but people in the game are walking the perfect line entertaining and challenging a good way, making robes and more experienced quite catch slot implementation of the players.
Thus, all said and done, we believe robes could be the next big video slot machines for you to play? We certainly think so, those who stick by good wins X3 multiplier, you will have a rotating disk along for several hours.
Robes go to a casino through one of our free trial or select the main straight of the game NetEnt.


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