Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

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Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

Take adventure from NetEnt software provider with the spirit of the jungle video slot machine game field. There is something about this game, you will soon find out. It's not just a normal animal-themed slot, we in the casino industry has become accustomed. Provided in the game of adventure and entertainment are at different levels. When you explore the jungle, you will encounter wonderful wildlife and make your fortune. Features available in the game will make you can not get enough of it. Music is calm and set fear and brave at the same time brings tension. You jump in, first understand through this review, what you should expect.

Jungle Spirit Features and Symbols

There are three amazing features available in this game:

When you win the butterfly enhancement is random start. For the function to show up, there should be no marks or symbols by lotus butterfly on the spool. When this function is triggered, the butterfly will fly can be formed between the expanded guarantee wins a 3 symbols on the screen.

Sign extension applies to both the base game and free spins. When the function is triggered, any sign marking the butterflies and can create a winning combination and will be extended to cover the entire reel. The number of winning lines will also increase, and huge bonuses.

Free rotation, comes with many other options. You will use every three or more flowers symbol is presented on the basis of the playing surface this feature. Your task is to select animals free rotation of 15. Please note that you decide to go with animals will be your main media symbols. The following are free to rotate different amounts of each animal:

The way you decide on how to choose any of these freebies is totally upon you. You only need to understand that lower free spins have high-value symbols.

Jungle Spirit Playability and Payouts

In this slot game, Volume 5, line 3, and a method of layer 243 to win. The bonus feature mode with 4 rows and 1024 points to win. The game can be played on all popular devices; mobile phone, PC, tablet PCs and laptops. These shares ranges between £ 0.20 and £ 100 per rotation.

The return game player (RTP) is 96.47%You can use the AutoPlay feature to your preferred number in motion reel. In the bonus features, if you land four scattering, you win 15 times equity awards. 5 scatter is a direct ticket to win 50 times equity awards.

Final Verdict

This is a good opportunity to win big high variance slot. You can win at the base and bonus games are big. The less risk program to give more freedom to rotate with a small win and a higher risk of giving a huge selection of small wins free spins. Choice is yours!


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