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Ho Ho Tower Slot

ELK Studios is famous Christmas inspired than one slot, which is a bit different. This is the Tucker brothers, by the same studio: to save Christmas. Trough brought a very roundabout way to Mexico for Christmas. Ho Ho Tower, is no different. Christmas skin re-ELK slot Hong Kong building, it introduces us to the way of non-Christian countries to celebrate Christmas.

Ho Ho Tower Slot Design

Christmas version may take some time, using the purists. Hong Kong construction highlights the background - "ho ho" is a clear reference to Santa Claus.

Music and other background noise, you get your people into the shopping center every day during the Christmas season, a very elegant interpretation of noisy, piano and heard, "We wish you a Merry Christmas." Early music scene, however, only play spin process, which can make over and over again listening to the same period of annoying.

The symbol is a Christmas candy stripes symbol for low-income and non-traditional image of higher pay various symbols. These symbols, you can find Christmas decorations bonsai, lucky seven pairs of lilies.

Ho Ho Tower Slot Bonus

Instead of the usual free spins ho ho tower comes with a bonus game. 3 or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus game Red yin and yang. If you are lucky enough hits over three red symbol rate bonus, bonus features you get two extra rounds. Blue mystery bonus symbols never repay you for two extra rounds.

The bonus round to take you to the top of the tower oysters. The wheel is a different coin win a lucky yin and yang symbol. Coin win is immediate, and the symbol takes you to a higher win new wheels. This means that you win in any case.

Coins always look great victory bonus round of "Auld Lang Syne" is exciting, especially because of the relatively long animation (you can cut it short, if you do not like suspense)

Ho Ho Tower Mystery Symbols

Mysterious symbols, you can log in recognition bonus slot is a bit frustrating mechanic. When you're near victory on the line, in a position that can help you make sure to win mysterious symbols, mysterious symbols may become a symbol of what you need to win.

When you approach this case, the bonus round will be held as scheduled. In this case, the mysterious symbols into the blue bonus symbol, it gives you two additional bonus rounds. However, there are often many mysterious symbols, and no way to really trigger them but do not let some exciting features. In particular, as a symbol of high incomes, this may be the last minute to win a good opportunity, but it does not happen often.

Fortunately, it does not need. Ho Ho Tower, there are different ways to win 99 points, you win often - though it is primarily a symbol of low wages.

Ho Ho Tower – Koislots Verdict

This online casino slot gives us a completely different version ChristmasYou did not play its seasonal appeal, as a bonus game in its own right is a lot of fun profits. Not every slot requires a free spins feature, but we would have liked wilderness or something else to make up mysterious symbols, it can be somewhat disappointingOysters by ELK entire column, play a particularly decent grooves other mobile devices.


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