NetEnt released their iconic slot machine game Emojiplanet in August 2017 five rows, 6 rows of video slot pays to use the cluster, rather than the winning line. This means that in order to win, you must collect five or more identical symbols, rather than winning lines.

For RTP Emojiplanet of 96.4%

Bonus rounds including bombs function - the function of Pisa - hickey function - Rocket features - and two cardiac function.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt


As you rotate expect from casino games around emoticons, there are a lot of symbols to keep your eyes on when you start Emojiplanet. Some take standard items such as pizza, rockets and bombs in the form, while others are in the form of those famous emoticons, facing you use it to illuminate your virtual dialogue.
Emojiplanet background music and sound effects are easy on the ears, you would do well to realize that every time that wins the coin lands. In addition, there are the usual set of online video slots to note some differences uniquely themed slot number of matches.

Emojiplanet's RTP: 96.40%
Video Slot build: 6 reels, 5 rows and Cluster Pays (no bet lines).
Emojiplanet game features: Cluster Pays, Avalanche Feature, Wild and Sticky Wild Substitutions, Emoji Features: Bomb Feature, Pizza Feature, Kiss Mark Feature, Rocket Feature and Two Hearts Feature.

Rather than rewarding a player prizes, if symbols from left to right and vice versa, Emojiplanet focusses on the right icon pack form. Thus, a cluster is defined as a symbol, is horizontally or vertically adjacent in the same symbol. Cluster has five or more of the same symbols is defined for the win.
If multiple groups of the same symbols appear on the reels are not connected, which will be paid as a separate wins.

Although some video slot has every rotation a chance to see you land the prize, NetEnt avalanche functions have other ideas. As long as the winning combination is made, these symbols disappear in some fashion to make way for others - may increase your overall efficiency.
And Emojiplanet, this happens when the cluster is formed. Each cluster constitute a winning coin symbol will explode once victory has been calculated to replace the symbols fall into place like an avalanche. This will continue until there are no more combinations can be.

While there is no doubt Emojiplanet is a little different game than you would normally expect from NetEnt, proven wild symbol is not missing. Rather than dedicate specific emoticons wild, these beneficial icons clearly labeled as any other symbols, trying to force qualified cluster.
Stick wilderness may also occur under the hickey Emojiplanet features listed below, live on a roll, winning clusters until they are made.

In addition to the usual slot machine game Additional features, Emojiplanet a large number of newly registered sleeves. NetEnt has no binding is exclusive to this emoticon themed game less than five different functions, this is how to activate them.

5 functions each one meter which needs to be released to fill it. Learn how to do this is very simple - see the instrument will be destroyed consumption (for example, if two symbols bomb destroyed bombs filled with a two meter space for each corresponding symbol.

Feature activation bomb for eight random symbols to be blown up between the coin win bet five levels randomly selected 100 grid.

Pizza achieve the same functions and symbols will cover the full range of 3 × 3 random.

Fill the place hickey feature meter race across the reels decided to allocate three sticky wilderness. Emojiplanet wilderness will stay sticky combination followed by winning three points to ensure that you extras.

Emojiplanet penultimate special features unique rocket capabilities. This will see the release of more specific or reel, 10 win-win mark. Then, an avalanche feature will kick in to see more wild appear until no more remain in the stock market.

Finally, two cardiac function instrument is a last resort, when other functions have been exhausted because it was just activated, there is no winning or cluster symbol. However, when it began operation, the total number of wins will be multiplied by 1 meter plus fills.

The coin values ​​can range from between 1 and 10 may select the level of your bets from 0.01 to 1, and the minimum and maximum bets are placed in the 0.25€ and 200€.

The default maximum win, you can achieve as € 1 million or one million gold coins Emojiplanet - the largest overlap victory.


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