Divine Fortune

Just like the original Divine Fortune™, Divine Fortune™ Megaways™ by NetEnt is a 6-reel slot featuring Falling Wilds Re-Spins, a Wild on Wild feature, and Free Spins with 3 Bonus Win symbols.

Slot Provider

  • caret NetEnt

Divine Fortune Introduction:

This Divine Fortune mobile slot isn’t like all the other NetEnt jackpot slots around; namely this is a local progressive jackpot, not a worldwide jackpot.

What does that mean? It means that unlike casino games like Mega Fortune Dreams, where every penny that players worldwide spend go to creating a multi-million jackpot, here it’s casino specific.

From 10,000 to hundreds of thousands

Therefore, the MEGA progressive scholarship in this sacred wealth tiger game played how many players played in this particular online casino. In the disadvantage, cumulative bonuses will not enter millions. In addition, competition triggers giant bonuses. Despite this, taking into account the seeds of 10,000, we have seen it has entered hundreds of thousands, so don't underestimate what you can win here.

In addition, there are two static bonuses, you can trigger the same 'to choose gold coins' games, this is 20 times and 100 times your bet, it is not easy to get, but any gradual prize in the gods will be easily. example.

Is this the wealth in this sacred wealth slot?

To be honest, we will not look forward to the online Sacred Fortune Tank's infrastructure - that is, because cumulative bonuses are often big drawings. However, we have some surprising victories here, not because of free rotation.

Don't let us be wrong, win a lot of winning a lot in the sacred wealth bonus game, but it is crazy and re-rotating, letting the coins flow. That is, because the wild may expand, then slowly fall the scream, let you rotate freely in Jack and soft slots, or people who are invisible.

Surprisingly, even if it is not always encouraging

What is the meaning of honest topics. NEXTGEN's Medusa is a bit fun in integration functions and themes. But it is good enough.

More importantly, the sacred wealth slot game is a rare beast; there is no necessary bonus game, there is no need to trigger a large giant. That is to say, it is worth hunting through our mobile casino list, see who has the largest pot. Maybe also win big, right?


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