Cash Noire

Cash Noir™ slot by NetEnt has it all, including the femme fatale! It takes a special kind of crazy to step into the shadows. Have you got what it takes?

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Cash Noire Slot Introduction

Noir has managed to capture the imagination of audiences everywhere. There's something so fascinating it creates intriguing settings, and instill the feeling. Genre successfully achieved its way across the books, movies, TV and video games, adjusted according to the times and created some entertainment history's most memorable moments. So, it's time that we actually have a black slot! Noire uncertain cash to take on the cynicism and moral, lies at the core of every black, it brings slot. You will step into a detective who is hot on a trail ruthless killer stalking the night city shoes, leaving in its wake a bloody mess. NetEnt has to reproduce the theme Noire done a perfect job. The screen is divided into segments, so that each feels like a rotation in the investigation of this complex perilous step. Reserved for your slot spinning symbol in the middle section of the screen, but on the right, a femme fatale silhouette stalk your every move, she calmly smoked a cigarette. On the left side of the screen is your clue list, which is updated based on your winning combination, slowly, leading to the identity of the criminal mastermind you found occupied. All of this is perfectly designed by the cartoon, immerses you deep into the world brought to life, creating a feeling both cohesion and overall experience. Cash Noire can be fully compatible with NetEnt licensed casinos across desktop and mobile platforms and casino. Read below as we investigate the features and functions that make up the cash Noire. We will introduce all of our evidence, and in this particular case, to provide our judgment.

RTP: 96.06%


Traditionally, slot machines and video slots using reel to fill their screen, spinning around until they reveal their ultimate symbol. They are an integral part of any slot, basic functions within the game, and determine whether it will end up with heart warming smile or frown gut-wrenching game. Digital implementation by online slots, basic mechanics of the game can be changed to create more convenient and exciting way to play games, and reveal those symbols of winning. Into avalanche function. The rotating disk system is abandoned, but choose a more fluent technique. These symbols will shower down from the top row, after the avalanche of movement, until they completely cover your screen. It's works like "cascade symbol", you may have seen in other online slot video system. Previous symbol exits from the bottom of the screen, allowing new symbols to fill the space from above. This function can change things a lot. In addition to disclose every way a rotating system on the symbol, triggering an avalanche function whenever a winning combination, to achieve additional functionality. The winning combination are from the screen and more symbols removed, then empty into a new point, and even more potential to open up the victory! If you play in the free spin mode, you can get any victory by an avalanche function multiplied by your multiplier stage!

Crime Zone and Clue List

List of clues we mentioned earlier, this will help you throughout the investigation. It is located on the left side of the screen, and an integral part of the immersive experience of playing cash Noire. This list is filled with items that will help guide you to the killer. It represents your journey of free spins game mode, activated each list item clues crime through regional function. Collect all the items in the list, you will expose the mysterious criminals, triggering free spins mode slot in the process. When it comes to functional areas of crime, this function will determine the list of clues for your progress and your free spins ultimate prize. Crime area is represented by a red hot spot activation pattern of each spin. Beginning with an initial size of 3:00, when the list of clues on the trail project is activated, the increase to 4 or even 5 points. In order to activate the clue list items, you will need to get the winning crime area inside the symbol. Each winning symbols in the region, the project will be activated. Once you have successfully activated trail 3-6, crime area will be increased to 4:00, and even further increase your chances of winning. If you manage to get a clue 7, area crime will eventually reach the size of five points. Once all the clues list of 13 items has been activated, you will expose the villainous murderers and confront them in slots free spin mode!

Mystery Symbol

Noire cash is filled with gorgeous design symbols are accurately portrays the edges in some of the most representative Pinot genres of characters and objects. Among these is the collection of symbols enigmatic mysterious symbols. The symbol of the question mark in the form of steel vault, and can randomly fall in the main game and free spin mode, you two reels. Only one symbol will fall and with each rotation based on local land spot two different results. If the outside of mysterious symbols land area of ​​crime, it will be transformed into random symbols, a slight increase you get a win or increase the chance of a good streak. If the mysterious symbols should be part of a crime within the park, it will change the sign in all the area into a mysterious symbol, and then all symbols will be converted to a random symbol, may ensure a greater victory!

Free Spins Mode

You have to collect clues to list all your projects, you finally managed to catch the killer. You turn a dark corner, and tentatively walking in dark alleys. Bang! Murderer know that you are to him, and fires a warning shot, jumping into their private cars, so before running it. You predict the move, quickly got into his car, following the killer around the foggy streets in high-speed chase. The stakes are a group, it is up to you to catch the villain. Fortunately, now playing free spins, let your much-needed advantage in the game. The partial list of clues will be converted to Chase City map, marked trail along the street to replace the position of the list item. Here, any winning symbols fall 5:00 crimes zone will start the position mark on the map of Chase City, takes you one step closer to criminals. Every time you reach the 13 positions, two additional free spins are awarded, giving you more time to find the killer, and set up their own winning streak. You will also be seen as a multiplier that increases by 1 at x1 and you get every 7 to mark the start position. When you reach the final position on the map City Chase, catch the killer and dismiss those that will ultimately bring them to their demise promptly shot it all comes to a startling conclusion. The final victory will have your multiples reached an impressive X10 and the game will reward you with the ultimate prize last three free spins reward you. Finally, the case is closed, everything is fine, and you live to fight another day ...


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