Book of Ra

Book of Ra

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Book of Ra Slot

Radium book is in business, and probably the most famous of all these the oldest online casino slots. The first iteration fully apparent radium book in brick and mortar casinos around the world, but because of the rise of online casinos, radium book can now also be found on the Internet. To make things more interesting, the game has many forms. Magic radium, radium luxury all popular versions of books books, luxury books and radium 6 is the same game architecture.

Here are radium luxury, this may be some of the most well-known information about the book version:

Book of Ra Free Spins and Bonus

As such a classic slot radium book does not offer all the many additional features. In contrast, the modern bells and whistles, this game aims to please with its simple feeling, but also reminiscent of its initial grassroots level.

Free spins with expanding symbols

Copy to almost any game based on the book, radium luxurious book has a completely free spin mode exciting. If three or more scatter symbols land on your management screen, you will see a huge book with page turning visually. Finally, there will be a bonus symbol of your choice. This symbol will appear each in turn, take over the entire volume, therefore, a great victory for those who create a lot of opportunities. In other words, you are only one of each of these symbols land on the reels you need the symbols to fill the entire screen. Low-valued symbols would be easier to catch, but it is, of course, will make your premiums symbol of good things.


Most versions of radium book also includes a dual function, you can whether a card is red or black double victory from the deck by guessing. Try repeatedly doubled to score more, but be prepared, if you guess incorrectly face the consequences!

Book of Ra Theme and Symbols

Radium book must be all Egyptian themed online slots mother. Not all versions of the game have a lot of music, but you can usually hear a little melody in the background that slow Egypt. The same theme continues in your sign, and you can see everything scarab from your reel in the sarcophagus. Even in this general game card letter symbol looks like pictograph ratio.

Book of Ra – How to Play

Ra's book, like most Novomatic / Green Underground game is quite unstable. To put things in layman's terms, you do not win often but when you do, victory will direct fire. It would be wise to consider a smaller bet to keep the balance intact.

Book of Ra – Koislots Verdict

Ra's book is a legend and an absolute slot, you should experienceEveryone and their grandmother knows this slot, so why do not you try it? After you have experienced at least one free-spin mode, you are free to finally say you've seen it all, then you can move to another slot, if you want.


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