Sugar Casino - Never got my success and account shut

User: Magnolia, Disputed casino: Sugar Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 987 $, Published: 18.10.2019

On September 26th, they confirmed my account and prepared my withdrawal back to my card. 987$ of rewards. It's been 7 days since I got the withdrawal prepared email.

Still no payment at all.

I additionally sign in to the account today, and it showed " account for all time restricted "

Did they simply take my rewards ?


Sugar Casino

Hi Magnolia

Your account is presently blocked off for the reasons that our security office is doing extra checks as there is a dubious extortion activity.

Once they have finished their checks we will hit you up with more information.

Sweet Regards

Sugar Casino



What befallen the prepared withdrawal however ?
It was prepared on 26.09.2019 20:02 UTC, to my Mastercard.
I despite everything have not gotten my cash with was apparently sent. If you don't mind give the confirmation to approach card sharks for my withdrawal.


Sugar Casino

Hi Magnolia

Tragically your withdrawal has been intruded on in light of the fact that your account is at present under survey by our Hazard and Extortion department.

As there is dubious misrepresentation action we can't process your withdrawal until the checks have been completed.

We'll report back to you when we have more information.

With Kind Regards

Sugar Casino


Waiting for payment.

Sugar Casino

Hi Magnolia

We are happy to illuminate you that the check have been completed.

Thank you for pausing. You withdrawal is in pending to be prepared and will be taken care of soon

You can close this solicitation and get in touch with us through email on the off chance that you need any assistance!

Sweet regards

Sugar Casino


Hi ,
Email from Sugar Casino.

"We're keeping in touch with you respect your withdrawal.

We are happy to educate you that the confirmation of your account have been completed.

We generously request that you close your objection in askgambler to have the option to process your withdrawal.".

KoiSlots, it would be ideal if you close grievance. I do anticipate my withdrawal, Sugar Casino.


Based on submitter's last post KoiSlots Grievances Group think about this case as Settled and it is authoritatively shut now.

We might likewise want to utilize the event and propose to player to contact our group and solicitation objection's reviving in the event that something turns out badly with their payment/s.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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