Druids' Dream

NetEnt presents Druid Dream ™ - a 5-reel, 4 row, transportation both ways video slot with a reworked and fine-tune the wild charge and free to rotate with the function. The game is Druid magic forest, within the spirit of the wild bears two of the Druid calls. The game's main attraction is Scatter symbol: two Druid sojourn in the magic forest. Every time one of them appears in the stack rolls wild symbols, wild billing function can be activated. Once the Druid magic accused each re-spin awards wild reels and keep dispersed together.

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Druids Dream Slot Review

Druid enter the dream enchanted forest, and immersed in a peaceful world, those with deformed old hippies have so carefully prepared for you. Ancient roots run deep in the forest, and they will reward those mysterious treasure heap of all ages.
Druid's dream is in a quiet forest filled with wild animals, mysterious objects and beautifully designed Celtic rune set. Relaxed atmosphere complete with music and gorgeous animation, you go through the game's many features, rotate your gameplay to bring the perfect life Druid forests. Druid's dream will be available in all NetEnt casinos to offer, and can be desktop and mobile devices. Read on to learn more about the main features of the Druid dream to offer.

RTP: 96.00%

Win Both Ways
In most casinos video slots, bonus from left to right, which means you need a combination of successful start counting from the leftmost reel.Thanks to the system win both ways, Druid dream use, you count winning combination is from the right and left sides. This means that even if you roll 2 is empty, the last three as long as there is a successful combination, you can ask your bonus.

Scatter Symbols
Druid's dream, the scatter symbol is your ticket to activate some of the most exciting bonus games. They appeared in two specific symbols, enchanted forest habitat in Druid each representing a form. If you scroll one or two of land, you will activate a below-mentioned exciting bonus.

Wild Charge
You do not just want you to get the rotation is not completely work, that way you want a second chance? As the wild charge, you can activate rework Druid dreams and rotating gone better chance of winning.
When a scatter symbol Druid pad reel 2 or 4, with the wild symbol stack wild charge is activated. Druid magic and charging the earth, and every wild symbol will reward you re-rotate, will stay with you at the wheel scatter symbol Druid together.

Nudge Feature
Although wild-charge is activated, a landing spool 2 or 4 or more wild symbols will activate the trim function. Instead of giving you re-spin, which will fine-tune each rotation and then found after the second Druid hope elusive, this function is activated by a reel or several locations. This will allow you to get a second scatter symbol Druid, will take you to the game, the opportunity to free rotation of the richest prize.

Free Spins
In the two reels 2 and 4 landing scatter symbols will trigger a Druid spectacular animation, the sacred guardian of the forest bear call and offer reward you with six free spins generosity. In this mode, the position of which bear symbols to replace the middle reel during the free rotation. If you are with any wild symbols land on reels 2 or 4 Scatter symbols, they will get a wild fee, reward you with an extra free spins. If you scatter symbols land management bears in the third set, then you will get not 1, not 2 generous dividends, but the other three free spins!


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