VegasHero Casino - Deferred £5,000 Withdrawals

User: Lucienne, Disputed casino: VegasHero Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 5167.95 £, Published: 13.02.2019

I have four withdrawals pending at VegasHero for 11 days totalling over £5,000. The sum total of what records have been transferred and checked. They show up on my account yet at the same time in pending status.

I am not getting a lot of karma with reactions from messages or live visit. I am profoundly concerned when perusing protests against Vegas Legend that I may not see this cash again.

An case of the exchange ID is 70010622.




Dear @Lucienne,

Please affirm if the issue has been settled. Be in aware on the off chance that you neglect to react inside the given time period we will think about your issue as settled and your objection will be shut as needs be. If it's not too much trouble remember that according to the AGCCS expressions giving updates in an auspicious way is an absolute necessity.

Thank you for your cooperation.


This objection has been revived according to VegasHero Club solicitation and KoiSlots Grumblings Group might want to give it one more help out the two gatherings required into the question coming to a palatable resolution.

VegasHero Casino

Hi Lucienne,

thank you for reaching us.
Please note that occasionally the standard checks can take somewhat longer than expected.
After further checks, we can affirm that you Withdrawals were effectively endorsed and we sent effectively all the proof to KoiSlots.
If that is not the case please let us know.
VegasHero Team.

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