Split Aces Casino - Withdrawal cannot and account blocked

User: leonie.stiedemann, Disputed casino: Split Aces Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 120 €, Published: 28.10.2019

I have been declined my €3000 withdrawal from this site which I made on the thirteenth Oct I got an email saying they would email me soon and they never did they have now obstructed my account and denied me €100 in spite of the fact that I kept substantially more than this they are disregarding my inquiries just noting yes or no they wont give me any data why


Split Aces Casino

Dear leonie.stiedemann

Thank you for carrying this issue to our attention.

We apologize for the postponements.
Please make an effort to remain exhorted that your rewards were voided because of sporadic play. As indicated by the terms and states of the casino:
16.3. "Unpredictable play" incorporates, bury alia:
Putting down complete wagers equivalent to or more noteworthy than 30% of the estimation of the store as of now in play.
Your non-lost store was discounted under the terms.

We can affirm that your account was shut because of an ongoing Self-prohibition demand on another club under the gathering. The Consistence Group have sent you an email with respect to this matter.

Kind regards

SplitAces Casino


Dear Split Aces Casino,

KoiSlots Objections Group is compassionately requesting that you give definite clarification on the issue alongside proof/s where it is unmistakably obvious that the player put down higher wagers at that point permitted. Kindly try to cite the terms which have been breached.

Upon KoiSlots Objections Terms we consider all proof carefully classified and won't be openly shown or send to the outsider. If it's not too much trouble send required confirmations straightforwardly to suppor­­t@­k­oi­sl­­o­­ts.com.

Thank you for your cooperation

Split Aces Casino

Dear KoiSlots

We have given the full clarification and proof to suppor­­­t­@­a­­s­­kg­­­am­b­­­le­­r­s.com.

Thank you.


SplitAces Casino


KoiSlots Protests Group has been furnished with enough data and proof for benefit Split Aces Gambling club the board in respects of this grievance to affirm and legitimize the club actions.

Based on the abovementioned, KoiSlots Objections Group think about this case as Settled and it is presently authoritatively shut. If there should be an occurrence of a conflict with our choice we remind player that further help on this issue could be mentioned from the applicable administrative body.

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