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User: madison.mohr, Disputed casino: Planet 7 Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 2500 $, Published: 26.10.2019

I mentioned a payout of $2500.00 on August 28.After nagging live visit I at long last got it endorsed nearly in 3 weeks. At that point took practically another 3 weeksfor them to send cash by means of wire move on october the 1 st. It has been 16 days and still no assets in my financial balance. payout says it should take as long as 10 days to appear in my account.its been 16 days! I am very upset,i have been depending on that money!


Planet 7 Casino

Hi Daniel- -
I am sorry for the postpones you've encountered with this.

I've checked with our processor and the wire was affirmed as being finished on the sixteenth - I would figure the assets have discovered their way into your account by now.

Would you be able to please confirm?

Much appreciated,



Dear @madison.mohr,

Please affirm if the issue has been settled. Be in aware in the event that you neglect to react inside the given time period we will think about your issue as settled and your protest will be shut in like manner. If it's not too much trouble remember that according to the AGCCS expressions giving updates in a convenient way is an absolute necessity.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Based on submitter's last post KoiSlots Grievances Group think about this case as Settled and it is formally shut now.

Thank all of you for your cooperation.


Yes I got the cash yesterday in my account. It took 21 days subsequent to being sent to processor. I didnt need to grumble since I love your gambling club however 21 days was ridiculous.

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