Betzest Casino - Withdrawal still not prepared following 11 days

User: jaida32, Disputed casino: Betzest Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 10800 kr, Published: 23.12.2018

12 days back, the ninth of December I pulled back 10800 NOK (Norwegian kroners) proportional to around 1250 USD
I was educated that the ideal opportunity for a worldwide bank move was 3-5 days.

I thought, alright. Sounds legitimate, and I paused.

However! A few days prior I reached live talk as I had not gotten the cash, and when I signed in to my account it despite everything showed my cash in the account, and the exchange as "new", and not "completed".
I was informed that my assets were bolted, and that it took 3-5 days, once in a while longer.

The seventeenth December I reached them once more, as it had been right around 10 days since I made the withdrawal.
I was educated they had specialized challenges with the monetary administrations, and this has been continuing for longer than seven days.

I pondered at that point, for what reason wasn't I educated regarding that when I originally was in contact with them a few days beforehand?
They revealed to me they would advise me by means of email when the issue was settled, however I despite everything haven't heard anything.

I was in contact with them again today, the twentieth of December, they despite everything had no update to give my on the money related diffic­ult­ies­/pr­oblems they experience, and couldn't give me a sign regarding when this issue would be fixed.

I am starting to speculate that this site isn't to be trusted, and I am getting progressively wary concerning this site and how they handle their issues. The absence of data given isn't valued.

I would welcome any assistance given with this issue. I might want more data concerning when I can anticipate that the withdrawal should be made, and what the issue is with the money related troubles, and not depend on essential data given from the site, that I just need to hang tight for data that never comes.



This objection has been revived according to submitter's solicitation and KoiSlots Grumblings Group might want to give it one more help out the two gatherings required into the debate coming to a palatable resolution.


This protest has been revived because of the pronounced readiness in the interest of Betzest Gambling club the board to do all that they can to fathom their old grievances. KoiSlots Protests Group is glad to give these old cases one progressively chance for an effective resolution.

Betzest Casino

Dear Sir,

I trust you're well,

We are upset for the burden caused

Generously note that the payment has been affected since February.

The site is under new administration and these sort of issues, starting now and into the foreseeable future, will be settled inside a very much characterized time frame.

Don't hesitate to visit us again and you'll see the distinction right away.

Kind regards,


Dear @jaida32,

Please make a point to refresh your issue in an auspicious way and let the KoiSlots Protests Group know whether you got the payment. Be in aware on the off chance that you neglect to react inside the given time allotment we will think about your issue as settled and your protest will be shut likewise. If it's not too much trouble remember that according to the AGCCS expressions giving updates in an auspicious way is a must.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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