Betzest Casino - 34 days delay in payment and accusing specialized issues

User: christina20, Disputed casino: Betzest Casino, Status: RESOLVED, Amount: 2425 €, Published: 16.01.2019

I made a withdrawal of 2425 Euro on 26th November (34 days prior) and was informed that I will get my rewards in 3-5 days. Since my account was checked I reached them and they revealed to me that because of some specialized issues the payment was postponed.

I reached them again yet they revealed to me that the money division is answerable for this case and that they will get in touch with me through email (anyway this never occurred). Each time I reached them since I was advised to contact and never got any reaction.

It has been 34 days with no payment. Please me out.
Thanks ahead of time KoiSlots-Team.



This grumbling has been revived according to submitter's solicitation and KoiSlots Objections Group might want to give it one more help out the two gatherings required into the contest coming to a palatable resolution.


This grumbling has been revived because of the announced readiness for the benefit of Betzest Gambling club the board to do all that they can to explain their old protests. KoiSlots Objections Group is glad to give these old cases one progressively chance for an effective resolution.

Betzest Casino

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your complaint,

Generously note that the payment was affected in January,

We are exceptionally upset for any bother caused,

The site is under new administration and these sort of issues, starting now and into the foreseeable future, will be settled inside a very much characterized time frame.

Kind Regards,

Club Manager


Dear @christina20,

Please try to refresh your issue in a convenient way and let the KoiSlots Grumblings Group know whether you got the payment. Be in aware on the off chance that you neglect to react inside the given time period we will think about your issue as settled and your grumbling will be shut in like manner. If it's not too much trouble remember that according to the AGCCS expressions giving updates in a convenient way is a must.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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